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Personal Health Care Experience for Almost Family

Almost Family is a leading provider of home health nursing, rehabilitation and personal care services. They bring our expertise into the home - the ideal setting to promote healing, comfort and support to those facing the challenges of aging.


The goal of this project is to manage physician accounts on the go from a mobile device. A field service representative can access physician account information / update their account from their place or from anywhere.

We were asked to design a mobile app form scratch within a short period of time, which include concept creation, low fidelity and high fidelity prototype, visual design and number of iterations.

The process

Brainstorming, Journeys & Prioritization

To kick off, I held a briefing and brainstorm with account manager, Stakeholders and developer.

Together, we defined and prioritized a set of key goals for the mobile user and ideal journeys to reach them. With no opportunity for direct user research we had to work from our knowledge of client requirements, our own experience of mHealth and analyses of popular filed service representative and physician application.

Designing a clear concept

We start by establishing a common understanding of users and collaboratively exploring a variety of approaches. We build off their best ideas, help clarify them, and inject our own fresh thinking. Once we've got the plot right, we start sketching. We explore a number of approaches to find elegant answers to the big questions.it were an amazing experience to have during the work process for this project. We create a new mobile account management system app from scratch.

This step was really difficult and part of the wireframe structure was adjusted later during the design stage.

Concept to Wireframe

After refining concepts and workflows, we create wireframes to detail the priorities of the information and functions. This step was really difficult and part of the wireframe structure was adjusted later during the design stage. 


Interface Design

The simplistic design was created so that it is easy in use. As such, the icons and fonts were the focus of the attention during the work process. Most of all, we made the animation concepts to make the UX/UI more attractive for users in comparison to the standard mobile account management app.

interface design almost family

UI Specification

ui specification

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