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Health Record Solution for AHC

Automated Healthcare is a Web-Based Medical Software Solutions company.

Automated Healthcare is a Web-Based Medical Software Solutions company. Automated Healthcare’s hosted EHR service handles all elements of technology upgrades. AHC has implemented the most advanced technologies and security measures for the comprehensive EHR.

Automated Healthcare plans to develop an Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution for the Canadian market, focused primarily in the Ontario Province. This new EHR business will have mobile technology as its centrepiece.

The prime objectives

  • Demonstrate the application flow/understanding through a working prototype to validate the application requirements on an iPad.
  • Design and document the scope for next phase, which would involve detailed design and development of AHC’s EHR solution for the iPad and other mobile devices/tablets.


  • Create a process for Electronic Health Record solution.
  • Allow the doctor to view and manage their appointments and patient’s summary on the go.
  • In App update patients report after diagnosis, Order for medicine etc.

The process

  • To kick off, we held a briefing and brainstorm with account manager, Stakeholders and developer.
  • We devised process flows for doctors (Electronic Health Record solution), and defined key pages to be designed.
  • For the key pages sketched, wireframed and designed our ideas, at each stage conducting user tests with doctors, colleagues and friends to ensure clarity of purpose ensured technical feasibility by including our developers at this early stage.
  • Once wireframes and designs were defined we created the prototype for Electronic Health Record solution process.
  • Once the prototypes were ready, we carried out a further final round of testing, this time with key stakeholders and a selection of 'real' users.
  • Feedback was noted and updated on the prototype then moved for visual design with a number of iterations.
  • After approval of visual design we created User interface specification, generated assets and did final User interface testing.



Ipad Interface Design

The simplistic design was created so that it is easy in use.

ipad interface

Iphone Interface Design

iphone interface design

Automated Health care app demo

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