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A jump-start on application transformation for HP

In 2011, HP partnered with Endeavour to conduct ‘Innovation lab’ and facilitate new ideas and innovative solutions for their retail markets. HP wanted to focus in the field of m-commerce and their product line primarily in US and Europe. We conducted workshops, facilitated sessions and designed a prototype called ‘FIND MY HP’.

To gain knowledge on the product repository of HP, any timeline would fall short . The key was to access effective knowledge quickly. The range of user segment that HP caters to, the content of the app had to be strategically aligned for both tech wizards and novice.

We identified that it was essential to establish different user segments and the way the users interact with the system. The experience had to be seamless. The app had to be informative and fun to use. The content had to be strategically aligned for both the tech wizards and the novice.We researched and studied their competitors’ strategy, trends and patterns to understand the business model and its focal points.

We identified distribution partners to provide customers multiple buying options with ease. We understood how social networking influences customer’s buying preferences.

 Brainstorming sessions and workshops were conducted to bring out different product solutions and opportunities for socially promoting mediums for HP products and services. Few ideas that transform into different product solutions were shortlisted and further developed into a proof of concept for HP management.

 To make the application more engaging, we introduced several gamification features. We took inspiration from movies, games for creative ideas. We explored on a variety of gestures and interactions. Ideas were sketched around interactions and behaviors for interesting screen transitions and content placement. The next phase was ‘Prototype & Iterate’ phase where the concept was repeatedly tested and improved on various usability factors.




Icon design define the entire visual design of apps themselves. We introduced visual elements as per brand guidelines and gave stylistic icon treatment to the interface design. The visual elements were designed in harmony with each other.

The icons became our baseline, establishing a set of guidelines:

  1. One color to define each app
  2. Hard shadow to create subtle depth
  3. Airy and open design that feels approachable for a shopping app


A native app for iOS and android that could showcase categories, product images, comparisons and details on pricing, configuration, retailers, etc.

It all comes together

After fleshing out the interactions and visual language, we documented the details of our decision and design patterns in a comprehensive style guide. Think of it as the playbook for engineers to use during the actual development of the apps.

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