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Transforming Retail through Personalised Shopper Engagement

Birdzi’s vision was to transform the brick & mortar shopping experience by making mobile the hub of a real-time personalised shopper engagement ecosystem. The aim was to provide a contextually aware user experience inside the store, that seamlessly encompassed other digital shopper touch points.

Birdzi approached Endeavour to develop a premier shopping engaging platform for retailers. Birdzi’s existing mobile application named ‘Personiphi’ had to be revamped to enable retailers in providing engaging mobile experience and highly targeted offers to their shoppers. The regular application was to be developed as a white label application so the retailers and brands can customise to suite their needs.

The Challenge

Since the existing application had to be re-vamped, the new solution had to be taken up to a notch. The regular application had to be developed into a white-label application. The entire information architecture had to be re-invented and re-looked at.

We had to make sure that the architecture was followed throughout the development process.

Our Approach

We observed and analysed the existing application and took a deep dive into researching latest trends in retail applications. We identified several hygiene factors of retail industry such as findability, information filtering, product visualisation, product comparison, reviews and loyalty programs which encompasses the complete shopping experience.

We identified areas such as overall visual representation, layout and navigation, information architecture and iconography to be redesigned. The major focus was to improve the user experience of the application, making it more trendy and shopper friendly. We redefined the information flow by introducing simpler navigations and innovative interactions.

Intensive ideation sessions brought out possibilities of different navigation and interactive patterns in form of concept sketches.

Concept sketches

High Fidelity Wireframing

We conducted user studies. The target users in this scenario are mainly females aged 15 - 55 years. The user interface was designed considering visual ergonomic principles to cater to wide audience. The UI design was kept simple and neat with minimal graphical elements to enable easy customisation for white labelling. We researched on latest design trends in the retail applications and created mood boards for visual inspirations. The inspiration boards indicated strong usage of single, flat and bold colors. Personiphi, being a grocery store application, Birdzi intended the overall look and feel of the application to suggest freshness. Leaf green was chosen as the main color of the application and the color theme was kept monochromatic for easy customisation. Iconography was kept simple and light.

Simple and Light Iconography

The Outcome

Before the final development, we created a full working prototype for the stakeholders to understand how the actual application would function. After the prototype testing, the application went into the final development stage.

The final application design was a personalised interactive platform for shoppers. The shopper gets to know his engagements with the store like creating and sharing of shopping lists, knowing offers and personalised discounts on favourite items and in-store navigation. The interactive menus abled shoppers to quickly access the information and stay engaged with the store before, after and while shopping.

The application was developed for various super market chains across US and gained good response from the shoppers.The shoppers were delighted with the application as it helped save time and money. The retailers benefited as it improved their store operations and profitability. The targeted offers in the application allowed retailers to launch more initiatives, grow loyal customer base and increase their sales.

The application was developed in iOS and Android platforms and can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play Store.

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