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AGL Agent Brief case

The future is full of “what if’s,” but who has time to sit around and worry? Purchasing life insurance is one of the most important decisions one often make.

AGL wanted to develop a system congenial for its’ agents who deal with clients looking for financial assurance and many a times, claims happen. Merit or not.

Even the most careful, skilled and experienced Agent can get involved in a professional liability claim. Since these agents shoulder such heavy responsibility, formalities and legalities must be exceptionally strong so they can focus on providing personalised service that one deserves.

AGL approached Endeavour to design a system that could sync, collate and provide information at fingertips to assist agents in running sales quotes, define client’s financial needs and goals, calculating and planning financial security.

We had to develop knowledge on American General Life’s business rules, repeatedly review the processes and formulate technical specifications. We identified information hierarchy and design areas to re-work.

The team sketched out multiple workflows to decide on a solution that was intuitive and easy for the Agents to find the exact information they were looking for. After deciding the content strategy, we refined the wireframes and developed prototypes. We followed AGL’s brand guidelines to create a visual theme, in harmony with company’s vision and values.



Visual Design

The iconography was carefully designed to ensure intuitive recognition and improve findability across platforms. Since the app was being designed for both iPhone and iPad, visual consistency had to be maintained while relaying instant information syncing with the back end server and CMS.


The team worked out a detailed list of scenarios to test the usability of the app like since the agents would be often travelling a mobile app that can sync and provide all important data on the fly would be a necessity. The app also had to be apt for relevant note taking and scheduling appointments but most importantly making complex calculations and offer a quote.

The solution involved designing an iOS app for both iPhone and iPad and a web interface for central monitoring system.

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