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Caring for the Caregiver

We happened to work with Boston Scientific, the leading innovator of medical solutions who improve the health of patients around the world, approached Endeavour.

With an ever growing innovation happening in products and technologies across different geographies for Boston Scientific, the need for having a well defined inventory management system was well established and understood.

To design an effective solution we needed to understand how the system worked in detail to the grass roots and also the kind of information and detail an Executive looks for and needs handy. The study began by gaining knowledge on the different business units that Boston Scientific has and how they functioned.

We had to build a system that could track every requirement of a patient per unit and ensure a streamline delivery and tracking of the infinite inventory on time.

 The team started by tracking the journey for each use case like what customers a particular sales rep was responsible for. What material could be sold by a sales rep. and what customers can the material be sold to. Eventually calculate the profit centers with the partner functions and also tracking. Ability to track results based on the Personnel Numbers assigned in the Employee Hierarchy for each Territory associated with each Partner Function of the Customer.

The intent was to create a paperless eco system which can interact with users in different units. After numerous iterations and brainstorming sessions with SME’s we designed a process flow that could accomplish the requirements.

The design team then started working on the iPad application to visualize the screen flow and content placement. With an existing knowledge base, we started sketching wireframes focusing on different user roles like Inventory checker, Sales rep, Regional manager and super users.



Visual Design

Screens we designed to provide a series of sequential steps to be performed and documented. The app was configurable in English and Spanish languages.

We quickly realised the need for dashboard approach that could act as launch pad for the assigned user to fetch content of interest. Enough emphasis was placed on content relevance and proximity and iconography. The iconography was carefully designed to ensure intuitive recognition and improve findability across platforms. We constantly tested the prototype through scenarios like when a user is trying to scan a product and unable to or has to enter data manually or e-sign a report. We constantly gathered feedback and iterated the prototype to get the optimum results.

The solution involved designing the back end system to monitor and manage the inventory. Updating the sales rep and other responsible executives with requests and patient information and track the product in and out status.

Before the final development, we created a full working prototype for the stakeholders to understand how the actual application would function. After the prototype testing, the application went into the final development stage.


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