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PARIS (Pipe and Riser Inspection System)

PowerGas, a member of Singapore Power Group, is the sole licensed gas transporter and gas system operator in Singapore, delivering both natural gas and town gas.

It owns the gas transmission and distribution networks in Singapore which include two onshore receiving facilities for natural gas from Sumatra and Malaysia, and 2,900 km of underground pipelines.

Singapore PowerGas needs a system to enable its pipe and riser inspection operations(PARIS)

The system should enable field technicians to perform the inspection operations without paper, while at the same time collecting compelling evidence to show status.

 The field technicians should be able to use the latest in mobile technologies for this purpose. The system must also enable the supervisors to centrally store and maintain records related to the inspections being performed and schedule inspection operations.

The supervisors would also need to assign inspection jobs to technicians, track status and view relevant reports as required.


PARIS Mobile application contains functions related to recording inspection data for the inspection jobs carried out by field officers / Inspectors.

  • Authenticate user with login credentials
  • View jobs being assigned, filter & sort list of inspection jobs
  • View safety messages
  • View inspection job details
  • Start an inspection job
  • Mark an inspection job as door locked
  • Record inspection details & take pictures of the risers and pipe
  • Finish the inspection job
  • Save function for inspection job before submitting it to the server

How we derived a solution?

The experts started to understand the business requirement and with lot of back and forth questioning we derived the targeted users the problem the application has to resolve.

Now we know who the users are but that’s not enough, we have to understand the user expectations/requirements from the application which might not be the same as what business wants always. So we wanted to discuss with the actual users. But the users are in Singapore and we are in India hence we had video calls to understand the end user's point of view.

Once we were clear with business and end users expectations, It's time to analyse and refine the needs and wants to finalise what the application should consist actually.

The redefined requirements are put in sketches to determine the layout, typography, Visual language, flow & interactions.

Sketches are the best way quickly to convey design solutions to business and end users to keep everyone on page.

What’s different

Operating Systems iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, bada and so on... has made everyone's life easy by bringing things to our fingertips in form of gadgets like Smartphones, Tablets.

But everyone uses different kind gadgets which runs different OS again, but generally multiple applications are developed in every unique gadget.

Here's where we make things interesting by simply developing ONE APPLICATION based on a technology which is compatible in all the major gadgets and operating systems used globally.

Based on our end user’s understanding it's not that easy to read text on gadgets compared to paper.

Hence we made app UI to be customizable by user to Standard & Large UI mode, which helps normal users and poor vision users to easily use the app just by a tap.


Its time to put together all learnings in Designs

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