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CSI Software

Software in the Health and Fitness Club Industry

CSI visited Endeavour with a vision to help health and fitness clubs large and small take their business to new heights of performance and capability. An enterprise management application for health and fitness clubs that could assist sales people enroll new members to a fitness facility quicker and a place where members could login and manage their profiles.

  • How might we improve the service experience offered by Health and fitness clubs across USA.
  • How might we assist sales people enroll new members to the club.
  • How might a user effectively utilize the services offered by a health and fitness clubs.

Vision: Establishing a foothold in health and Fitness industry

The Approach

Upon understanding the business need, the team started doing the groundwork study by setting up Bench marking exercise for the industry vertical and setting up the hygiene principles. This included knowing the competitors and available solutions. Identifying factors or features that consumers tend to expect and help in accomplishing a task desirably.

We took this opportunity to conduct a Co creation workshop with the business leaders, marketing and sales team, the fitness club representatives and C level executives to understand their objective and perception of the solution. We conducted user interviews with actual members to realize what they effectively needed and prioritize the need.

With the detailed list of wants the team went back to the drawing board. We realized as much as a sales person would need assistance in enrolling a new member, the existing members of the club could vouch for the club membership and spread word of mouth for the services offered.  As known with studies, this puts a huge emotional confidence and acts as a potential source for enrolling new customers.


We started listing all the activities a member would perform to utlize a particular service of choice in the fitness club.

Emphathy Maping

With the foundation being setup, the team began iterating multiple concepts and reviewed multiple cycles with Product owner to freeze the concept and begin prototyping.

A White label solution was created for CSI software, which could be used by any Fitness club associated to create their own app, which would allow its users to login and view, search or select a class of choice as per preferences and  view status, location, timings and confirm availability. We also included a simple first time login process for new user registration.

A Similar functionality was created for the sales rep for an iPad application where a sales rep could easily walk through the sales process beginning with videos and marketing content, capability to browse the membership options and finalizing the process with actual sign up and payment options.



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