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Data Transfer Experience for Global Scape

The Globalscape Mobile Transfer Client (MTC) app is designed to work exclusively for file transfer solution known as Enhanced File Transfer (EFT).

The Globalscape Mobile Transfer Client (MTC) app is designed to work exclusively for file transfer solution known as Enhanced File Transfer (EFT). By deploying MTC with EFT, organizations can provide employees, partners, and customers with access to corporate data from their mobile devices, while keeping the data safe and secure within the organizational boundaries. The Mobile Transfer Client can be used with personal or company-provisioned devices, and on-premises, cloud, or hybrid solutions.

The goal of Globalscape is to Enhanced File Transfer™ platform to give IT administrator’s complete control over the files and information being shared by employees that are working remotely. The solution keeps files safe and secure while in transit and while at rest and authorized personnel can access information, and encrypts files in a storage vault for users that need to work offline. Automatically creates an audit trail for compliance, and gives IT full visibility into who accessed information, and how, where, and when it was shared. IT teams can create and enforce a number of security policies around mobile information access and sharing, data permanence on the mobile device, and password storage policies.

The end product we knew it was going to be an object of everyday use. It had to be perfectly intuitive. We adapted agile methodology across multiple iterations and tested it with actual users and final result was highly intuitive and world-class user experience.

Starting With Low Fidelity Wireframes

We don`t start any project without sketching first. we spent time drawing out the app interface using pencil and paper. We were able to play with a bunch of different design flows and interaction possibilities very easily, and we tossed out the ideas that didn’t seem optimal.


High Fidelity Wireframing

We designed every last detail of the interface before the developer started so that I could avoid any costly delays and eliminate any guesswork. we create wireframes to detail the priorities of the information and functions.

high fidelity wireframes


Also we created our own set of icons for Globalscape.


Iphone Interface

The simplistic design was created so that it is easy in use. As such, the icons and fonts were the focus of the our attention during the work process.

iphone interface

iPad Interface

ipad interface

Android Interface

android interface

Mobile Transfer Client App Demo

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